10 top theme to create a classified ads with wordpress

If you are planning to create a classifieds site, you may need to consider various aspects needed to support it. One is the script that will be made as ad listings.

Maybe first when someone will make classifieds site, then he must reach a high enough budget to hire the services of the ad script maker. Fortunately, there is now a sophisticated machine called wordpess, the CMS (content management system) of wordpress, you will easily and inexpensive to build a classified ad sites as desired.

 how to create classified website with wordpress

But in general, wordpress cms standard does look like a blog is usually, but if it is managed and diganbungkan with various themes and plugins are appropriate, then the wordpress blog will be transformed into a powerful classifieds site.

Here are the top 10 themes to create a classified ads with wordpress:

10 top theme to create a classified ads with wordpress
1. BuddyPress Secrets: ad plugin for BuddyPress flexible list. It is quite flexible and easy to customize. Not perfect but it gets the job.

2. Line: simple to use plugin that can be used to add ads list section to your website. It integrates well with WordPress and works with the existing layout.

3. WP Line: This plugin allows you to add a very simple classified section for your website. It can work for your web site as long as you are not looking for some heavy duty solution.

4. AWPCP: advanced classified ad plugin for WordPress. Its function can be improved through premium modules available for it online.

5. DirectoryPress: perfect theme to start an online directory or list of sites. Do you want to be paid up to you (this theme support paid and free directory).
WordPress Plugin Line:

Line Plugin quite useful if your goal is to improve the existing website / blog and add to the classified section. This plugin lets you do just that:

6. Classified Theme: Line Theme is a cool theme for WordPress listing well-designed and dynamic. It is an affordable solution that can help you quickly get started with your site list. It may not be as good as the first two in this list but worth a look.

7. AuctionTheme: it is another secret solution for WordPress. It is designed to let you start your own auction site listing WordPress. Auction theme is quite rare but this one could get the job done.

8. Work Roller: strong theme for WordPress job list that takes full advantage of the custom types, jQuery, and AJAX to bring your visitors the most dynamic experience possible.

9. Secret: Strong listings theme for WordPress that makes it so easy to create a free or paid listing classified site with WordPress. Supports Google Maps and PayPal. Looks pretty slick.

10. ClassiPress: it is one of the best classified ads theme for WordPress. Has many options and can be localized as well. Great for both free and paid listing sites. Its performance is also decent.

With the presence of the theme-theme above, we greatly benefit because they can save money and energy.

So consider to start a business making this classified ad sites. Do you want to know how the steps to create a classifieds site using wordpress? Just wait, I’ll make a tutorial Step By Step Building a Classified Ad Sites With WordPress on another occasion, still follow the development of this centralfreeclassifiedads blog.

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