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Classified Advertising is a means of persuading potential customers in which the messages intended to be put across are placed into categories (classified) and then distributed via newspapers, internet, magazines and other means. They are generally brief and are charged per line or per word. In most instances however, they are offered free-of-charge. They are very critical for small businesses as means of increasing sales turnover.

In order to Increase sales turnover using free classified ads, the seller ought to adopt the following strategies:

Improve the Frequency of advertising. That’s because the more frequent an advert is seen by a potential customer, the more likely the potential customer will respond to it. (more…)

Secrets of successful promotion of services using service free classified ads


Being a business person, you ought to use the Service Free Classified Ads. This service would be a beneficial decision to you because you will be able to create a large market hence promoting the business.

About the Classified Ads

With the service free classified ads, you will be able to: sell a product, sell a service, look for a product or service or even sell yourself. Selling yourself in this case means that you will use the ads to get traffic to your own website. With that, you will be able to generate income from your customers and clients. (more…)

Cost-Effective ways to Promote your Product Using Free Classified Ads

Classified ads tend to be real effective when it comes to promoting your business. Using free ads is budget-friendly to all businesses. This is an easy method to use, but it does take time to create, post, update and delete the ad. When using free ad services, make sure your company’s name, your product information and a link to your company website is included in the ad to get more attention. Pictures are also a great addition to your ad. There are a few ways to use free classified ads to promote your business. (more…)