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Sphynx Kittens Ready NOW!!!

Active red and white Sphynx male called dobbie. He’s fully bold and very friendly and excellent with the ladies. He’s produced lots of stunning babies. He’s a house cat. Litter trained and doesn’t spray. He’s from good bloodlines. His gccf name is happiness dobbie. He’s wormed and vaccinated up todate. Am rehoming him as with my family getting bigger I haven’t got the same amount of time I usually have for him. He will leave with his food bed blanket heated mat and litter tray

sweet kindy

Yo soy llamar symphil y tengo un gatito , kindy ella es una chica muy bonita y alegre , le gusta salir de picnic y camping conmigo , va para mi pasantía voy a necesitar a alguien que pueda adoptar kindy porque ella no se va fuera con mí en [email protected]

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