Cost-Effective ways to Promote your Product Using Free Classified Ads

Classified ads tend to be real effective when it comes to promoting your business. Using free ads is budget-friendly to all businesses. This is an easy method to use, but it does take time to create, post, update and delete the ad. When using free ad services, make sure your company’s name, your product information and a link to your company website is included in the ad to get more attention. Pictures are also a great addition to your ad. There are a few ways to use free classified ads to promote your business.

Cost-Effective ways to Promote your Product Using Free Classified Ads promotion cost efective

Free Online Classifieds
When you use free ads to promote your business, make sure you are posting in the right area so that you will reach your target audience. For example, if you sell auto parts, make sure you are posting in a field related to auto parts or accessories. If you want to use free online classifieds only, read up on the site you will be using. Learn how to keep your advertisements live and how often you have to relist it to keep it fresh. There are many online classified ad sites that let you advertise for free, and offer the option to upgrade with a photo or image for a small fee.

Free Local Print Ads
If you have a strong local presence, free local print ads can be extremely effective to promote your business. Look for free ad opportunities and search within your local counties and cities. Post your ad under your business niche category to attract consumers in and outside of your local areas. For local print ads, be sure to include contact information and a website link if possible. You may also visit websites that are specific to your niche to see if you can post a free ad there.


Post Quality Information
When posting your ad, make sure your title is original, short and catchy. A catchy ad title will pull the reader in at first glance. Once the title has their attention, you want to make sure your ad is relevant to your business or products. The more relevant your content is, the more exposure your business will get. It is also helpful if you post your ad in different regions.

Keep in mind that the main goal of your ad is to get your business recognition. Understanding how advertisements work will help you create more eye-catching ads. Remember these few points:

  • The point of having a catchy title is to get your advertisement read.
  • Your ad is to get viewers to your website page or make a call to inquire.
  • Your website should have a title that grasps their attention also.
  • Be sure to test your link’s landing page to your business website (if you have one).

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