How to quickly and easily post jobs on Craigslist

Craigslist is a classifieds site to post job openings largest and most well known today. But in addition to job also for other ad posting. But for this time I will discuss specific post job openings. For those who will open the job, you should consider posting on Craigslist. Due in very large Craigslist job seekers who come and go, so chances are you will get employees as expected.

Unfortunately there are many vacancies owners do not quite understand how to post ads there. Oh yes, please note that to post job advertisements in the city and a particular category will be in the magnitude ering costs vary for each type of job. However Craigslist will charge ranging from $ 25 upwards depending on the type of job in the post.

craigslist-posting jobs

If you’re lucky, maybe your ad posting job openings free of charge or free. Here’s how to easily and quickly post a job ad on Craigslist:

1. Visit your local Craigslist homepage, at The example below is for the SF Bay Area.
– Make sure the location named at the top of the page is accurate.
– If the location is not correct, visit our list of available sites and choose the most NAMAs one

2. Choose “post to classifieds” in the top-left corner.

3. Select the job Offered category.

how to post jobs on carigslist quick and easily

4. Choose a category (or multiple categories) for your job.
– Please note that call now selected category will incur a fee posts

paid_post_jobs to craigslist

5. Create a title and job description for your post.
– Post title: the headings that will Appear in the main list of posts.
– Post description: the body of your post.
– Reply to: the email address you want to receive the responses to your post. Make sure to enter it twice.
– Compensation: Payment Offered for your job.

6. When you are done writing your post, click “continue” at the bottom of the screen:

7. The first part of the confirmation page displays your area, the categories you selected, and the total fee.
– Make sure the craigslist site, subarea (if any), neighborhood (if any), and the categories are accurate for your post.

8. The second part of the confirmation page displays your title, description, and images (if any).
– Double-check the title, description, location, and selected categories.
– To make changes to the post before submitting, click “edit text.”
– To add or delete any images before submitting, click “Edit images.”
– If everything looks good, click “publish.”

9. You will now need to confirm your post via email.
– When you see this screen, check your email for a new message from Craigslist:

10. Open the email from craigslist, and click the confirmation link.
– If you are Unable to click on the link, try copying and pasting it into your web browser.

11. Choose your payment method. (If it is charged)
– If you are paying with a prepaid credit posts, select the first option so that you can login to your account.
– If you are paying with a credit card (most common scenario), select the second option so that you can enter your credit card information.

12. Enter your payment information.
– Make sure the information is accurate.
– You may be asked to review the terms of use or confirm your phone number before finalizing your post.
– Click “Submit” to submit your payment information and complete the post.

Your post is fully submitted information when your payment is accepted.

For more details, please watch the following video:

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