Classified Advertising is a means of persuading potential customers in which the messages intended to be put across are placed into categories (classified) and then distributed via newspapers, internet, magazines and other means. They are generally brief and are charged per line or per word. In most instances however, they are offered free-of-charge. They are very critical for small businesses as means of increasing sales turnover.

In order to Increase sales turnover using free classified ads, the seller ought to adopt the following strategies:

Improve the Frequency of advertising. That’s because the more frequent an advert is seen by a potential customer, the more likely the potential customer will respond to it.

how to-increase-sales increasing sales turnover

Identify the appropriate Target Market. It’s no secret at all that not all products are suitable for everyone. It would be foolhardy for instance to advertise sanitary pads to males. In such a case, women magazines would the most appropriate medium.

Ensure that the classified advert is placed in the right category. For example, apparels should not be placed under auto e.t.c. as this would make the advert appear misplaced and hence not taken seriously.

Use the right wording. The more concise the wording is the better as this eliminates any ambiguities that may distort the intended meaning.

Diversify the medium of advertising both in terms of the type e.g. magazines, internet e.t.c and the geographical extent e.g. cities, villages and towns. This ensures that the advert reaches out to as wide an audience as possible.

They are quite efficient in increasing sales turnover due to the following reasons:

They are direct and to the point. Not much effort is needed to try and figure out the intended message or whether any appropriate actions ought to be taken or not.

They are easy to access given the fact that in most cases, whole pages or sections of magazines are wholly devoted to them. It is therefore quite easy for a potential customer to flip through the pages, access them and take the necessary steps accordingly.

They are easy to refer to at a later date, especially for those that are contained in print form. Future reference is very crucial since in most cases potential customers are not usually capable of making an immediate purchase due to lack of psychological preparedness or ready cash.

They do evoke a sense of urgency due to their wording and catchy titles. On average, potential customers respond faster to a classified advert than to ordinary adverts which subsequently results in a higher sales turnover.

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