Nissan, Mobil Terbaik Pilihan Keluarga Indonesia

By | January 17, 2016

Nissan, Best Car Family Option Indonesia

That may be a phrase that is appropriate for this car products. Because of the products is issued has always favored the people of Indonesia. So it is appropriate if Best Car Nissan and Nissan Mobil Indonesia Family option.

banner nissan mobil terbaik pilihan keluarga indonesia

nissan grand livina indonesia beĀ all-new Mobil Keluarga Terbaik Pilihan Indonesia, Exodus newest model is actually an improvement from the previous model, the Nissan Grand Livina. Completion is intended to meet the demand for Indonesian consumers who want the convenience in driving.

Excess All New Nissan Grand Livina
Has advantages in terms of performance and features as well as machinery in the family vehicle becomes a distinct advantage when compared with similar products. All New Nissan Grand Livina has various advantages.
Interior Design
Has a spacious cabin make the all-new Nissan Grand Livina comfortable to ride, both for the driver and the ride. When it is in the car seat as if he were on the front porch of the house, because the driver and passengers can sit relax.
Kabil extensive driver and passengers all new nissan grand livina

In addition to comfortable for passengers, with a spacious cabin, the goods congenital accommodation while traveling can be arranged quite neat and loose like in the living room of the house. So anyone driving or riding in it seemed as if he was sitting at home.

behind the all-new cabin that luaskabin nissan grand livina all new grand livina to bring the bike cabin Nissan all new grand livina bring a toy to bring the all-new cabin nissan grand livina to bring carry package

A vehicle that has a reliable security system of choice of each person, the all-new Nissan Grand Livina has been equipped with multiple safety systems, namely DUAL SRS airbags and Rearview Camera.

DUAL SRS Airbags
Is a cushiony soft object mounted on either side of the driver and passenger. Where this thing will inflate automatically if it comes to the crunch at the front of the car. Thus it would greatly reduce the risk if the car hit a hard object or a collision.
All new grand livina dual airbag safety
Rearview Camera
In type HWS mode, the driver can see directly through the monitor, Because Nisan All New Grand Livina is equipped with a camera behind the car. So that just by looking at the screen, the driver can see what is happening behind the vehicle.
Rearcamera safety for the back of car
Performance of High Technology Engineering
Carrying the high-tech, all-new Nissan Grand Livina using the latest release HR15DE 1500cc engine that is equipped with Dual Injector and Twin VTC (Intake and Exhaust) so as to produce an optimum blend between engine performance with fuel efficiency.

Thus the advantage of Nissan cars All Nissan Grand Livina is Mobil Terbaik Indonesia. In addition to the all-new Grand Livina, Nissan also issued other models such as the Elgrand, Teana, X-Trail, Juke, NP300 Navara, Serena, March, Evalia.