How to setting up and configuring classiPress theme in WordPress

After I discussed earlier about how to install ClassiPress theme for WordPress classified ads. Furthermore, in this section, I will explain further how ClassiPress theme settings and configurations. After a theme ClassiPress enabled, you should note that the actual ClassiPress menu has been added automatically to the screen area Dashboard.Menu Read More

7 best PHP script free classifieds ads

There are so many varieties of businesses that can be run on the internet, one of which is a business classifieds. To build a classifieds site that has a professional quality, it needs a good script anyway. On the internet there are so many open source php script or free Read More

The 12 Kinds of Ads In The World

Maybe you’ve seen the ads on television that every day is always running on the sidelines of a particular event. And there may be among you who pay attention to the shape of the ads. But have you ever thought, in fact there are how many types of advertisements that Read More


Kinds of online classified ads

Classified ads that you can use to advertise, not only is it cheap, but easily accessible. There are many kinds of classified ads made for any specific purpose. While the most common form of classified is more general, in which many different areas and classifications. However, more specialized classifieds exist. Read More

What actually classified ads?

Do you often hear about the classifieds, perhaps most said yes. Why do I say so, because classified ads often seen in newspapers, magazines or promoted on television. So what exactly is the classified ads? According to wikipedia, Classifieds (abbreviation of advertising) is a form of advertising which is particularly Read More


10 top free classified ads site without registration to post Cars in Indonesia

If you are the person who will sell anything or rent a house, car, apartment, or seek employees from Indonesia, it is very appropriate if you take advantage of free advertising sites that exist. But apart from these free sites usually also provide premium advertising, nevertheless the price offered is Read More