Wanted quality Individual

We are a company looking for qualified individuales to help out with writing task such as
– short stories
– movie scripts
– sales scripts
– articles
– news feeds
– PR web sites
– Blog post
.. and more
wanted quality individuals to task jobs individual_needs ugent
– Draft and create consumr content for lifestyle and health related websites
– Research new products and services with the relation to the consumers
– Create projects for blogs and other new media
– Brand messages with reaching a large online audience
You’ll have the oppertunity to work with big name companies and popular web sites in several niches from news, geography, sports, entertainment, travel, and others.
– Highschool Graduate or GED qualified with an interest in writing for blogs, stories, and other publications.
– Experience in journalism, english, communications, or other related feilds.
– Strong written communication skills with the ability to proofread effectivly
– Ability to manage multiple projects
– Experience with Microsoft Office (Word, Power Point, Outlook, Excel)
– Internet access / Online access
There are part-time and full-time positions available. Hours can be flexible from 10 to 50 hours a week. Travel is not required. Pay will be discussed with only those who qualify during the interview process. Please email you resume along with your complete name and address to HOWRITINGJOBS@GMAIL.COM. Plese note that only those that qualify will be contacted. Start Date for this position will be April 13, 2015.

The importance of Understanding the Characteristics of a Quality Advertisement for business success

Advertising is the best way of marketing products. Now the world is the world of competition and there are many products on the market homogeneous. Then, why people should buy your product instead of someone else? Of course, your product must be the best in quality for all products in the market. Then, how will people know that your product is better? Then comes the question of marketing or advertising.

Production of the product is the main job but if you are advertising a product that is no better than any other product on the market, your production will be in vain. Advertising is very helpful in this regard. It is no less important than the production of goods. Total sales depends on the quality of marketing. So, you need to know how to create quality ads.